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the city of san francisco sfg tv showing of the san francisco giants parade will begin shortly . >> yes. we are feeling extremely mayoral here and mayor lee and mayor brown good enough to spend a couple minutes with us and a guy instrumental getting the ballpark up and going. how does it feel to have two champions? >> there are going to be a lot more. it's just incredible and i know it's going to be a lot
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more fun. >> there is a prediction for the future. do you think you will ramp that up every year? >> every year. >> we could do this once a year. i know you have a lot to do inside but thanks for stopping by. bob, let's get it back to the studio. >> okay. thanks very much. first of all let's introduce to our special guest. >> who is your favorite baseball player. >> buster posy. >> and what do you say? >> let's go giants. >> this is what the giants do to three year olds. >> that is good parenting.
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>> and last year reminded how difficult to repeat and this year and extraordinary feat. it's hard to compare and we waited but i will tell you to win two out of three is more extraordinary so what an extraordinary organization and what a great foundation and proved that today with all the folks come -- and. >> i can't even go through the details. that is beyond extraordinary. in life that doesn't happen. it's like watching the 18th game of the
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game. >> gavin newsom and impressed with what he has seen this time. guys. >> so you know larry conspiracy theorists said you did this for halloween. >> it's the stars lining up for the giants and you have lots of emotion and hopefully we're not done yet. >> is there anything that jumps out at you after the parade route? >> my favorite sign was "san francisco favorite place on
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earth" and so much joy and family and that's what it's all about. at the end of the day we're a community and a community of giants fans. they love it. the players love the fans and the fans love the players. >> and you hit on it and can't take this for granted. >> it doesn't come around everyday -- [inaudible] don't take anything for granted and we will be back at it and trying to see what is the best for 2013. >> we will let you prepare for the stage and we look forward to it. all right. guys.
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"we will rock you". [cheers and applause]
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the city of san francisco sfg tv world champions civic celebration will begin shortly.
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the city of san francisco sfgtv world champions civic celebration will begin shortly.
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October 31, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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